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Pigtelligent Pig

The Pigtelligent was born!

And it’s a place where you’ll find comics about many interesting science facts, like what different colors of pee mean, which large ancient animal could devour Justin Bieber, why some people eat animal poop, what it would be like if you were strong as a rhinoceros beetle, and many others.

On the other hand there are the idea comics, which are both witty and illuminating, with stories about the body parts, bacteria, fruit or even numbers that came to life to give an important life lesson.

Last but not least there are comic stories about my personal life. It’s good to read them if you want to feel better about yourself.

The man behind the project

My name is Milosh. I started with scribbles on my school notebooks and now I make scribbles here.

Milosh Sholaya behind Pigtelligent

How I do it

I’m working hard to provide you with a couple of awesome new comics each week.

Milosh Sholaya working on Pigtelligent

Ask me anything.

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